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50th Birthday Gifts That Show You Care

What do women really want for their 50th birthday? Now the milestone of half a century has been reached there’s probably little that she actually needs, or wants come to that matter. Which of course will add a certain element of difficulty to the task of finding 50th birthday gifts for her. Turning 50 is seen as quite a big deal, whether the woman in question is a mum, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece or friend. It is in fact a significant milestone, because it’s the turning point between the first and second half of her life. This makes the celebrations surrounding this special birthday worthy of remembering. it took me 50 years to look this goodPresents for a 50th birthday need to hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately 50th birthday gift ideas are difficult to pin down. There are a variety of reasons. The lady in question will have a disposable income so there is little that she needs to make her life easier and more comfortable. It is also highly probable that she is very secure in who she is and already fully into her hobbies and interests, which obviously doesn’t leave an awful lot of scope. So let’s give you our top ideas for 50th birthday presents.

Treat the lady to something memorable for her 50th birthday gifts

  • A day set aside for pampering – There aren’t going to be many 50 year old ladies who wouldn’t relish the opportunity to pampered, even if it’s only for one day. It’s not the kind of gift that many women will turn their noses up at. The chance to take a break from their normal routine can include massages, manicures and pedicures, hot stone treatments, and even a complete makeover. Starting her second half century with a new look will be one of the best 50th birthday gifts for her.
  • The chance to learn something new – Perhaps the lady in question is getting a bit bored with her current hobbies and looking for something new to fill her spare time. What about a series of golf lessons, so she can join her husband on the tee? Maybe she’s looking for something a bit more adventurous in which case she might appreciate learning how to paraglide, rock climb or ride a horse. A gift that involves physical activity is going to benefit her overall well being in the long run.
  • Doing something that benefits her charity – It could take the form of making a donation in her name, or involve you both in volunteering and doing something for others less fortunate.
  • Put your feelings into words – She knows that you love her, but it’ll never hurt to put it into words. When the words are written down, this will be a wonderful keepsake that will always remind her of your friendship and affection.
  • Have a bit of fun with her – Hopefully she’ll still have a good sense of humour, so plan a 50th birthday gift that will appeal to this side of her personality. How about some “senior citizen supplies”? Comfy slippers, woolly cardigan, vitamin supplements and a bottle of prune juice should make her smile.
  • If she’s in need of guidance give her a book – Not all women who reach the tender age of fifty are able to embrace the passing years. Some might need a little guidance and to be shown that not all is lost. Give this kind of lady a book written by a woman who is still making waves, even though she’s considered to be “over the hill”. Madonna and Bo Derek are two celebrities that immediately spring to mind, but there are plenty of other influential and glamorous women over fifty.
Birthday gift that will last forever

50th birthday presents can still include chocolates and flowers

Flowers and chocolates are tried and tested options when it comes to giving gifts to the ladies. In a list of 50th birthday gift ideas it should still be a feature. The problem with this kind of gift is that the gift itself very quickly fades or the box becomes empty, and unless they were spectacular chocolates or gorgeous flowers the memory will fade along with the gift. 50th bithday presentIf you want your 50th birthday gift of flowers to last longer than a week or two, consider a gift from Eternity Rose. A series of processes have been perfected that involves dipping natural rose blooms into a precious metal (gold, silver or platinum), preserving its beauty for a lifetime and beyond. The rose is presented in an elegant display case, and a touch of personalisation can be added to the stem. When you have a special lady in your life who is looking at celebrating her 50th birthday in the very near future use our suggestions to make their day special. You’ll be giving them a gift that’s very sentimental and will perfectly match the love and respect you both share. Here’s wishing you all those beautiful ladies a very happy 50th birthday, and welcome to the second half century of your wonderful life.

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