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Awesome 40th Birthday Gifts because She’s Not Over the Hill Just Yet

Some say that life begins at 40, while others say that when you reach the age of forty you’re over the hill. Whichever way you look at this milestone of a birthday it is deserving of a gift. Buying gifts for girls and ladies is never easy, but it’s not as hard as you think. Yes there are hundreds, if not thousands of gifts to choose from, and countless pitfalls to catch you out, but we’re going to be holding your hand and guiding you along the best path. Leaving you with a much easier decision when it comes to purchasing 40th birthday gifts for her. We’ll start the ball rolling with some awesome ideas.

Celebrate the occasion with these 40th birthday gift ideas

i am not 40 birthdayWhen you’re turning forty, it should be considered a momentous occasion. Reaching your 40’s means you can say goodbye to the in between years of your third decade, and rejoice in the fact that all your family have grown up, hopefully left home, and it’s time to have some fun.

With reduced responsibilities a 40th birthday is a good time to gift an experience

The woman you’re looking to buy a gift for may protest that there is no need for a gift, but clearly this won’t be the case. Don’t believe any female who says she doesn’t want a present for her 40th birthday. It’s highly likely that there isn’t very much she needs to make her life more complete, so use her 40th birthday as a great excuse for enjoying a new experience. It could be something that she’s always wanted to do, an activity that’s related to one of her hobbies, or something from her bucket list.
  • A spa break – A great way to relax and feel invigorated. A pamper break in a top class spa facility will give all the ladies a perfect chance to relax and feel on top of the world. There will be pool facilities, saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzi’s, and a host of spa treatments. The worries of the world will slowly drift away under the care of a team of professionals.
  • 40th Birthday GiftA dining experience – Whatever her taste, there is a dining experience that will suit her perfectly. Options include river cruises, medieval banquets, Michelin star restaurants and food served up at an iconic attraction such as The Shard. You could even organise her own personal chef for the day.
  • Days out in the capital – She’ll enjoy one or more of the many attractions available in London: The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace and so much more. There are even the shopping Mecca’s of Harrods and Oxford Street that are the perfect place for a birthday experience. After all, what woman doesn’t love to shop?
  • A track day experience – Do you think that the birthday girl would love to experience the thrill of driving a fast car? The UK has plenty of race tracks that will happily give her the opportunity to get behind the wheel of some iconic sports cars. A fully qualified instructor is always on hand to ensure that everyone stays safe.
If you’d much prefer 40th birthday presents that are tangible and can be help in the hand then you still have lots of options. Let’s look at some creative 40th birthday gift ideas. Platinum rose as birthday gift

Imaginative 40th birthday gifts for her

It’s important to consider how the lady in question might feel about turning 40. Not everyone will be looking at it with joy. For some it is thought that reaching forty means life is over. Is it seen as a new beginning or the tragic end of life as she knows it? If she thinks that she’s over the hill and should be put out to pasture then one of the previous experiences might be just what she needs. If however, turning 40 isn’t being seen as anything other than just another birthday, a thoughtful gift might be something fun and creative.
  • 40th b-day giftSilk pyjamas – This is the kind of present a lady wouldn’t normally buy herself, which makes it perfect for a 40th birthday celebration. She’s much too young to be wearing brushed cotton nighties when going to bed, so this gift will make her feel as young as she really is.
  • Up date her technology – For years she’s been carrying around the same old gadgets, so for her fortieth birthday present give her something modern and bang up to date. An iPad, eReader, or the latest tablet are just a few ideas.
As you can now appreciate, buying 40th birthday presents for her isn’t as challenging as you might think. There are so many options that you’re bound to find something that suits the birthday girl in question. We hope you are able to find the most perfect gift for the soon to be 40 year old woman in your life, and the birthday that she enjoys is one of the best so far.

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