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Choosing Birthday Gifts for Women is a Piece of Cake

Have you ever found yourself struggling to find the perfect gift for one of the ladies in your life? Of course you have, because we’ve all got a special someone who deserves the best. The problem is that you spent so long umming and aahing over all the options you ended up having to pick something completely random. There must be a better way to deal with the problem of finding birthday gifts for her, but you don’t have a clue where to start. If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone in finding gift choosing a big deal. There are hundreds of men and women who struggle with this age old problem, whether it’s your mum, grandma, aunt, sister, niece or your BFF that you’re buying for. For all of you birthday shoppers out there we’re going to look at ways you can make the task much easier, and provide you with some helpful tips and ideas.

birthday gift for womenHow to choose the best birthday presents

When it comes to searching for birthday presents for women, it’s not worth working yourself up into a lather. At the top of this page we’ve said that choosing birthday gifts for women is a piece of cake, and honestly it is if you follow a few simple rules.
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Decide on a budget

This is a very important first step. Thinking about how much you can honestly afford to spend means that your choices will be reduced to a more manageable level, instead of being faced with hundreds, if not thousands of gifts. If your budget is less than £20, you’re not going to be bothered by big ticket items such as an expensive piece of artwork or extravagant jewellery.

Think about the needs of the recipient

Your birthday gift buying will be far easier if you concentrate on the things the recipient needs. Have they recently set up home and are in need of some homeware? Are they soon to be going off to college or university and need things to help with their studies? Are they struggling financially, in which case a spot of cash would be the best birthday gift for her?

Is she into sport or have a hobby?

If the woman in question has a favourite pastime then your prayers are answered. Thinking about a gift that is relevant to her hobby is a great way to come up with some brilliant gift ideas. If she’s a bookworm, then the gift of an e-reader will mean she can organise her reading collection perfectly. A sports lover will love some new gear for the gym, or a jersey from her favourite team.

Think about the fond memories you’ve shared

birthday giftA birthday present will be very special if it comes with a personal touch. Think about the things you’ve enjoyed doing together and find a gift that relates to those moments. Think of a shared memory, it could be embarrassing, humorous, sentimental or romantic, and buy her something that will bring back that moment in time.

Does she have a pet or children?

If the lady has a pet or children that she prefers to spend time with she might appreciate a gift that reflects that part of her life, rather than a gift for herself. If she’s got a dog then maybe you could buy some dog chews, or a new dog bed. If she’s got children then how about an experience day, such as a boat trip or tickets to London Zoo.

How would she feel about something homemade?

Buying birthday gifts for women doesn’t always involve spending lots of money. The lady you’re buying for might prefer a handcrafted gift over a generic gift that you bought from a store. It could take the form of a collage, a YouTube playlist, a knitted scarf or a decorated vase.

Does she have a favourite food?

Here’s betting she does, because let’s face it who doesn’t have a favourite food? If the birthday girl loves your cooking then invite her over for dinner. If you’re not that confident in your own cooking abilities a voucher for her favourite restaurant might be just what she needs.

When you’re looking for birthday gifts for her, keep these questions at the front of your mind, and provided you’ve got the answers, your gift is going to be one that she treasures.

So how about looking at some of the gifts available for different women in your life.

Birthday gifts for wives and girlfriends

When looking for gifts for a wife or girlfriend the same rules apply as for any other recipient. The gift should be within your budget and be something you know they’ll enjoy. A unique and personalised birthday gift will make your wife or girlfriend feel very special. Here are a few ideas:
  • Candlelight dinner – This is a great gift to fall back on if you’re struggling to pick one from a long list of suitable gifts.
  • A gift that’s rare – For example antiques or artwork.
  • A gift hamper – Let your creative juices run wild by giving her a gift hamper full of tasty treats and gifts.
  • A day at a spa – If your wife or girlfriend spends her days running around worrying about other people give her a gift that concentrates on her.
  • An item of jewellery – You’ll see her eyes light up with joy when she opens her gift and sees the beautiful necklace, earrings or bracelet you’ve chosen.

Birthday gifts for mum

Buying your mum a birthday gift is a great way to show her how much you care. One of the best birthday gifts for her will of course be the gift of your time. Her birthday is the day you should forgo your normal routine and spend time together. If you’re set on buying her a gift for her birthday here are a few ideas:
    • A birthday get-together – For her birthday invite all those friends and family she doesn’t see as often as she’d want to for a big knees up. Add to the fun by making it a complete surprise.
    • book gift b-dayA good book – Nothing will ever replace the humble book as one of the best birthday gifts for women. There’s nothing better to wile away a few hours than in the company of a good book.
    • Bake her a tasty treat – After all the meals and cakes she’s baked for you, her birthday is the time you should turn the tables. Bake her a birthday cake, or better still cook her dinner.
    • A pamper experience – Your mum is always so busy, she forgets to look after herself. Give her the gift of a voucher to spend at the beauty salon or hairdressers, and she’ll soon be feeling like a million dollars.
    • Take her shopping – Because after all what woman doesn’t like to shop?

Birthday gifts for your BFF

This is the lady that you spend your free time with and you want her gift to be the best you can find. Her birthday gift should stand out and show how much you value her friendship. Spending time over the wealth of choices will mean you’re giving her a gift that will be remembered. Let’s look at a few different ways you can make her day special:
      • Organise an outing – Tell her to pencil in an afternoon and take her out for an adventure. This will be a memorable gift because you’ll be spending time together, doing something she enjoys.
      • A gift she can enjoy at a later date – This will mean that she’s got something to look forward to when the excitement of her birthday is over. Indulge her with a voucher to spend on a massage or manicure. Maybe she’d love to spend time at the movies or experience the atmosphere of a live music concert.
      • Cook her a meal – This gift will require your time and care. Invite your BFF round for dinner and spend time in the kitchen creating her favourite dishes.
      • A gift that is homemade – You could gather together some old photographs and make her a collage. Buy matching t-shirts with an image printed on it of the two of you together. You could make up a hamper filled with all her favourite treats.
      • Create a playlist of her favourite music – Based on her personal taste burn off a CD, or add to a flashdrive, all her favourite tunes.
perfect birthday gift

Choosing the right gift for a women shouldn’t leave you with a headache. There are so many different gifts available that we understand how the task can seem a little daunting at times. However, take a deep breath and think about this special lady and all the things that she cares about and the experiences she enjoys. Keep in mind all the advice and ideas that we’ve shared with you, because they will help you make an informed choice. Give the gift with a big smile on your face and the lady in question is going to be bowled over with your choice of birthday gift for her.

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